Teaching Resources

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AEM has an archive of teaching resources to give you support where you need it. Including state standards, national standards, lesson plans, and more.

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3rd Grade

community Resources

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Discover the local and state arts organizations, art education programs, and museums in your area, as well as national organizations, like NAEA, that will allow you to connect to more art in your community.

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As art educators, we know that arts are important - now more than ever. Explore ways to advocate for your art program and arts in your community.

Advocate for Art


10th Grade

job postings

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Get a first glance at job postings sent directly to AEM along with other resources for finding a job in art education.

Find a Job


4th Grade

aspiring art educators

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Check out the resources available to college students and others navigating the path to become an art educator.

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1st Grade