A warm colored watercolor painting with a cool colored cube painting woven in

"tropical disco"

8th Grade


Promote and advocate quality art education for all learners by providing professional growth opportunities for all Minnesota Visual and Media Arts Educators to learn, collaborate, advocate and acknowledge excellence in the profession.

A watercolor painting of dark mountains with a yellow sky, black birds, dark water below, and flowers lining the bottom


4th Grade


Provide professional and personal learning and recognition opportunities for Minnesota Visual and Media Arts Educators.


Art Educators of Minnesota (AEM) is a professional organization dedicated to promote and protect the professional interests and concerns of art educators at all levels.

AEM fosters leadership in art education and informs its members about current trends and issues.

AEM brings its members together to share ideas and information through conferences and informal gatherings within regions.

Additionally AEM promotes art education in our schools through legislative advocacy.

an icon of a person with an idea raising their hand


Highly qualified visual and media arts educators

Recognition and celebration of outstanding arts education
an icon of a brain with pathways coming out of it


Artistic and cultural diversity through quality arts education

Professional development and personal artistic growth