We've Changed!

You may have noticed we have changed.

As everything changes and develops over time, so does AEM. The executive board has been working hard and diving deep to explore and re-evaluate what AEM can be for its members as we move forward into a new era of AEM. 

The AEM board wanted to develop a visual that represented where the organization is at now, while also thinking about how we want to grow in the future. We also wanted to pay homage to the original AEM logo. The new logo features all lower case letters and a primary color scheme. The lowercase letters reflect the lowercase used in the original logo. The font itself is a more modern style, which is representative of our evolving membership. The primary colors draw in our connection to being art educators, featuring, most notably, the teal and red colors from AEM’s past branding. Our original AEM website drew heavily on teal and a rich red color. We have taken those two colors and brightened them to visualize our refreshed goals for this organization. Last, you’ll notice that the shapes and colors overlap to create intersections and new colors. This symbolizes our goal as an organization to bring together our members and represent the wide variety of unique membership we have.

You’ll notice that our new website is a different experience as well. The AEM board found that the old website layout was not serving its membership in the best way possible. Research, surveys, and interviews were conducted with membership in order to evaluate the current website and develop something that was more useful to our membership. We also incorporated current common design patterns and user interaction best practices, to create a more familiar experience.

Thank you so much for supporting us into this new era of AEM.

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